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An Acappella Noel

Tina Lambert


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Bio - Born in Connecticut, Tina has been singing all of her life. Coming from a musical family, music was an important part of her life. Harmonizing came natural for her and so it wasnít long before she began singing in adult groups as a child. She sang in several sections, wherever needed: 1st and 2nd soprano and alto, and even tenor. After singing in many choral groups and church choirs as both a group singer and soloist for several years, she began experimenting with digital music recording. Traditional church hymns, especially those about Christmas, are one of her favorite styles of music. When her sister told her that she wanted to go Christmas caroling in 2001, Tina decided to make a practice CD containing her sisterís song choices. It was a difficult and interesting project where Tina sang several tracks of all the various parts of each Christmas carol without any musical accompaniment. This practice CD was named An A Cappella Noel and was used the night that her sister and sisterís kids as well as mother went Christmas caroling door to door on a very chilly night. Years later, this CD was given as a gift to her husbandís father, who passed it along to Jeff Marginean at JEMAR Entertainment and Frog & Scorpion Records. To make a long story short Jeff contacted Tina and wanted to produce the Project and Voila! Here it is and we all hope you enjoy it! Merry Christmas! Contact Tina


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